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Lynner's New Release Strives For Less

Red Waves, newly released by Doug Lynner, finds a common theme in his "Small Modular Aesthetic."

"For me, the “Small Modular Aesthetic,” the term I use for this part of my work, is a healthy change-up that I find refreshing and immediate. To use only a single simple patch for multiple pieces extends this even further by necessitating a deeper exploration to find multiple unique voices from it." ~ Doug Lynner

WAD: Trio for Richard Driskell was released first a month ago on videos preceding Richard's passing on 3/27/22. Richard Driskell was a drummer for the Units, a seminal San Francisco Synth Punk band, a photographer of the city's streets, a documenter of our experimental music scene and a Serge Modular Synthesizer player.

All of the performances on Red Waves have video recordings of the in-studio recordings. Those for 5 Solos for Simple Slopes will be released in the coming week.

Red Waves is available now on Bandcamp where all Neat Net Noise downloads can be downloaded for free or the amount that you decide. A CD, though not free, is also available!

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